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Some elder computer science:
  1. How to install Linux:  the shortest polish tutorial for beginners
  2. Network Programming :   Remote Procedure Calls

I don't do this and advice others not to do:

I support these services:
Social Themes / Politics
  1. Restitution of propery looted by soviet agentura:
  2. Schizophrenia:  forum for ill and their families
  3. Rainforest: protest against OCP pipeline in Amazonia
  4. An appeal for abolition of secret clauses in the case of crimes: zbyszek.evot.org/beztajemnic
  5. Free Election:
  6. Polish Commitment
  7. Warsaw Tree Preservation Initiative
  8. Nagroda Gawlikowskich
  9. Deceitful media reports about Poland
  10. Secret Service, coworker
  11. Przeciw Publicznemu Okłamywaniu
  12. Polish Concentration Camps
  13. A letter to the EU-Parlament Members referencing the Debatte about the Situation in Poland
  14. Immunity of representatives and judges
  15. Communication in the network
  16. German war reparations to Poland:
  17. A fair, law-abiding Poland free from foreign agents, secret interest groups and cynical public lies.
  18. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:
  19. Referendum on Ukrainy EU-access
  20. Common Source of Law
  1. Evolution by Self-reference
Some articles:
  1. Why I quit Amnesty International ?
  2. Does polish wikipedia have a censorship ?
  3. How to buy a washmachine - a consumer advice
  4. Grey occupation
  5. What to do with monuments of communism in Poland ?
  6. You wan't miss it either.
  7. What to do with a school stress ?
Some discussions:
  1. 13-th of December anniversary in Poland
Recreation and Philosophy:
  1. Some poems about thinking (in polish language)
  2. Questions of faith,   Disscussions
  3. Trees on the background of people
  4. The shortest course of the individual psychotherapy
  5. the Peoples Republik Poland - a literary text in polish
  6. Water pipe
  7. Wallpapers from Baltic See
  8. How a washmachine works
  9. About the soul
  10. A dream aboout a moster
  11. Lonely man and the sea
  12. False Authority
  1. Archiv of Some Scans
  2. This is the truth condition ...
  3. The list of victims of Martial Law in Poland 1981-1983
  4. Gdańsk Shipyard named after Lenin, formerly the Imperial Shipyard, 2020 r.
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