author:   Zbigniew Lisiecki

Deceitful media reports about Poland

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As polish people living in Poland or people with permanent contact with Poland we direct this letter to the people receiving media opinions about our country to deny false reports and the vilifications of our fellow citizens.

Opinions about lack of democracy in Poland are dramatically false. The government, which is in power has been chosen with the mayority of voters voices and due to opinion research centers the support for party, that has issued the government is at least double as high as for the next party. Spreaded opinions about arresting people due to political reasons or about lack of freedom for media are dramatically false as the lack of facts. Our government introduced reforms receiving vast support in the society, an example of which is the additional direct financial support for families with children, returning the former school system, for which we urged in petitions, lowering the retirement age and many other reforms advantageous for us.

Also the courts, even if sometimes occupied with people supporting continuity with communism, act freely. The judges enjoy immunity granted to them by the constitution and their sentences are executed by the citizens. These conditions, which are assured with full extent, deny by no means the considerable injustice, which occurs due to unjust cancellations issued by the courts or refusing prosecution by the public procesutors, which led to almost total impunity of previous ruling elites also the elites of communism, which our country has rejected.

Aldow Poland experiences tensions, which has not been solved by th break of communism, our society is a peacefull one led by the social indulgence, methods of dialog and especially lack of aggression by the citizens. Nobody is placeing bombs in our country, nobody is put unjustly into prison, nobody is restricting an ussual media activity. The is no fascist movement in Poland at all and reports about alleged dictatorship completely lack of facts, which could point to such conclusion. Also regarding the violence between sexes common statistical reports put Poland at the end of a scale in Europe, which does not deny our sensitivity to these issues. Simmilarily opinions defaming the people beeing in power now lack of facts, aldow we we are conscious of sincerity of feelings of large group of citizens, who issue such opinions - false as they are constructed on desiformaion. We ask these citizens to present profound facts, which must precede opinions. The are no dictators in Poland and the depreciating use of term "authority" is vilification.

We deeply disagree with people tied with former elites of power who spread opinions vilifying our country and our citizens without prividing detailed facts, which could justify such opinions and without leaving for accused the possibility to defend themselves with arguments. Such people sometimes connected with international institutions or just well known people have yet no mandate to speak in the name of the majority of citizens in our country.

With this appeal we also demand from polish state to:
  1. unterake decisive legal steps against people, organisations or media companies passing to the world opinions not justified with facts, which diminish our country, it's political system, things we care of or our fellow citizens.
  2. We sepecially demand also to publicly name states, which institutions are involved in media-wars aganist Poland in such a way, that a deeper public discussion could without provoking any hatred serve also other countries.
  3. We demand to investigate and to give public all perpetrators and mechanisms of all provocations, which served to vilify Poland, and to mislead our fellow citizens.
  4. We demand an institutional protection for such situations do not repeat in the future, and if it appears neccessary to create new institutions or provide support for peoples initiatives, which asure a media souverenity and selfcontrol for Poland and avert the danger of foreign media interventions in our country and our live.

We are the society of people opened to others, who love freedom and truth. We are also pround of our hospitality and we invite other people to learn Poland and to develope proper opinion about Poland and the situation on our country on their own.

I put this letter in the form of petition on the citizeGO server, and one can sign it there too.

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