How to write e-mails to Zbyszek or to the domain

  1. Address:

    1. My E-mail address reads "zbyszek" "@" and the domainname i.e. You can use "zlisiecki" instaed of "zbyszek" - mail will be forwarded to the same mailbox in this case. If letters are capital or not plays no role.

    2. For administration purposes of fora or abuse write, please to "webmaster" or "abuse" in domain

    3. Alternatively or if my domain appeared to have problems with mail write please to the mailbox. The address is simillar: "zlisiecki" "at" and the domain i.e. "". If this fails write please to the user "zlisiecki on onet servers ("") or Virtual Poland ("").

    4. What is this whole complication for instaed or writing the address directly ? I advice to nobody to provide an e-mail address in the form an automat can read it, which searches the Internet for addresses for spam. Instaed I'd advice to write word-whipe-this-out-@domain, then the human would know that he should use the address build by deleting the phrase "-whipe-this-out-". The are numerous simmilar possibilities.
  2. How to write e-mails

    One must stick to the general rules of netiquette (see. eg. Netiquette), especially:

    1. One must supply a proper e-mail subject. Certain words indicating commercial contents are rejected together with subjects which say nothing, like "mail from me", or soliciting like for example "write back, please", etc. It is disrespect to the reader if the author doesn't bother about it that the subject describes the contents.

    2. One should answere under the citation and not above it, and citations shoud be cut to the needs of your e-mail. Copying the whole previous letters means that that the receiver shoud read them once again. If this appears to be unneccesary such e-mail means also disrespect.

    3. I kindly request you not to copy text, if it is enought to give a source as http address.

    4. I also kindly ask you not to use any special formats, like doc, or html, etc. as they have no justification for transmitting text messages. Plain text is enought.

      Html in e-mail traffic has been allowed on commercial motivs even if this dramaticely increase of abuse possiblities. The domain prefers not to have anything common with it. One have to switch off attaching of html copies to emails in options of a sending program.

    5. If you write to more than five recipients always use "unseen CC" instaed of common "CC". The address list will not be forwarded to all recipients then.

    6. Mails with bigger attachments should be divided into several mails of one to five MB each.

    7. Pictures send without warning can also sometimes be rejected.

    8. I'd be thankful if the sender address appears together witch your proper name and the sirname. To assure this put your name and the sirname in the properties of your mail program.
  3. What to do if e-mails won't reach me

    1. domain uses strong antispam filters. Especially e-mails from unknown source are rejected. This is for example the case, when somebody is sending e-mails from his home PC directly, but the e-mail says it comes from a mailbox somewhere else. One must send e-mails only through this mailbox and not directly. Some popular mailobox services do not fulfill standards, for example they give an unknown (in DNS) host name, which transmits mails. Ich this case you must call the administrator of such mailbox service.

    2. In the case of rejection, read please the code returned. The cause of rejection is named there. Include please this text to e-mails send to alternative addresses. This allows me to make my filters better.

    3. Caution: some mail programs offer the opportunity of a e-mail receipt.

    4. If e-mail contact fails completely you can always reach me by the phorum, and in importand cases one may ask the phorum moderators to contact me.
  4. Security

    To encipher e-mails sent to "zlisiecki" in domain "" use the pgp key printed below.

    Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)

    How to do it ? - Choose in your mail programm menu item "Import foreign keys", get the key given here with cut&paste and put it into your mail program as my signature. Later on encode your mails, which you send to me with this key. This way ony I could read them.

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