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Were Polish Concentration Camps Judish Death Camps ?

02.12.2016, v.0.1

Dear Sirs,

in you publication: you have used a term "Polish Concentration Camps" refering a Auschwitz-Birkenau camp during the World War II. Polish League Against Defamation will provide you with sufficient explanation why using such expression is a direct attack of hate speech against the Polish nation and why it meets the conditions of Holocaust Denial which is prosecuted legally in most countries.

It is well known that atrocities, including mass murder, committed during the Holocaust against Jews on the Polish soil were planned, organized and executed by German occupiers. But you possibly don't know that this difamation, which you take part in, has been planned by Germans themselves short after the war.  (1) 
  citation from the related article in wikipedia:

The West German intelligence formed Agency 114 (German: Dienststelle 114) within the Gehlen Organization; headed by Alfred Benzinger (a Nazi Abwehrpolizei), who in 1956 launched a coordinated action to move the blame away from the war criminals under various investigations. Benzinger adopted the deliberately ambiguous, loaded phrase "Polish death camps" in the mid 1960s in order to suggest, contrarily to the facts, that Poles, not Germans, were responsible for the mass genocide during World War II.[14]

I therefore kindly ask you to remove it replacing it with sufficient explanation and report it to the Polish League Against Defamation also to omit further leagal consequences.

Dear Sirs,

I am also generally very unhappy about any publication about war times, which utilise common todays' terms to describe situations, which were far far away from the todays' common sense, as it takes crucial knowledge from the society away - a knowledge for which people payed with their lives. You may write equally well that these camps where not polish nor german, but judish !  (2) 
  Let me notice also, than from a million Judes murdered in Auschwitz nearly one third (data from wikipedia) were Poles, i.e. polish citizens of judish faith, who recognized Poland as their homeland, which they gave expression by celebrating in front of the synagogue Polish national feasts, joining Polish army, etc.  

There were Judes, who build them and Judes who killed people there ! But what does this mean in reality if you take into account that Germans where just standing around with their pet dogs and looking, what's happening ? Therefore it is better if people speak and write about Auschwitz-Birkenau whos' feelings are not to short to comprehand what has happened there.

best regards
Zbigniew Lisiecki

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