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Is polish Wikipedia politically biased ?

16.03.2012, 11.11.2016, 27.2.2017


Nobody need to be convinced that Wikipedia is a great source of information. I was induced to ask the question from the title by the controversy around the biogram of a popular TV journalist Monika Olejnik (see. also the discussion of this entry), and especialy the judgement of Arbitration Committee in this case (werdykt Komitetu Arbitrażowego), which is in my opinion scandalous. The justification of my opinion I gave in the discussion. The archive of discussions in the wiki - cafeteria: see archiwum dyskusji w kawiarence wikipedii

The administrators of polish Wikipedia abuse their rights to block even such trivial issues as the first name of Monika Olejniks' father in her biography. They prevented Wojciech Jaruzelski - a communist general who started the Martial Law against Solidarity movement to be called a "communist activist" in his biography, even if he was the first secretary of a communist party in Poland, which is further properly stated in this article. Forgetting the controversy around Lech Walęsa - a Solidarity leader shown beeing a former secret collaborator of a communist security service and many others. In the case of Monika Olejniks' father - Tadeusz Olejnik, a major of communist Security Services the polish Wikipedia committee found the source of a main opposition newspaper untrustworthy : artykuł Doroty Kani i Macieja Marosza pt. "Perły w koronie Służby Bezpieczeństwa" devoted to Tadeusz Olejnik printed document scans proving this fact. One can guess from the discussion that the "Gazeta Polska" - tha main opposition newspaper is generally considered as "untrustworthy", no matter the facts are !

Censorship, which I speak about is justified by the administrators with canceling "nonecyclopedical" articles and avoiding junk. Event if there is a lot of issues not fulfilling the reqironmenta of a wikipedia article like adverts, s.c. "sponsored knowledge", but a serious discussion of young people rating if issues are suitable for other wikipedia users must end with buffoonery and ridicule just bye way this question is stated. What is a junk for one, might be an important information for the other. The cause of justifying some information as spam commes often enought from the limited vision of the world.

This is a general statement of the problem of rating the knowledge by some people if it is adequate for others. Yet in polish wikipedia one has to notice special biases: It regards the knowledge of recent history, kommunism, contemporary politics

The Wikipedia is edited selflessly and with full engagement by young people, which most probably have little own experince with a communism passed in Poland away some 30 years ago. How it is possible that their stance shows such vast biases expanded to quirks ? It's hard to suspect that the majority of democratically chosen Wikipedia administrators have their grandpas in former Secret Service. The proper conclusion is to speak about a mass psychosis spreaded over polish society which got out of communism and a russian occupation not so far ago. Rationally considering one could not expect that we polish came out of this without a trauma. Which ways out do we have now: the truth, courage, kindness and patience. Anger and resignation is an error. Surely I urge to take part and to use Wikipedia and not to resign of it. Facts and the truth are selfconsistent just from their nature and if somebody tries to hide it or fake after some time it'll simply became a fact about himself - in our case just facts about administrators of polish Wikipedia.

This article appeared at yet it is not seen there now. I'd like to direct people interested in discussion to my own forum at The fight against censorship in polish Wikipedia described 2010 Rybitzki and 2012 is denoted the case of removing the Szewczak biography.

The list of some cases of in my opinion political biases in polish Wikipedia:

Most probably the list is not full. I'll make it up. From it's nature it is also a subjective list. - This is just my list !

no. description when made by oponents
1 The circumstances of creaton by the Minister of Interior a list of secret collaborators of communist security service, who still occupy most importand offices in the state (a so called Lista Macierewicza ) has been removed, what can bee seen here described in a proper article. Yet the very names has been removed as can be seen here . How to write an article about a list of 64 names omitting the publicly known names themselves ? Surely the article is substituting fact with excuses and undermining the importance of this list. 13. April 2007 - 24 lipiec 2010 Elfhelm ,   Proktor86 ,   Bielsko ,   Adalbertus ,   IlluminatiX ,  
2 Wojciech Jaruzelski is not considered to be a "communist activist". Such information is called as "not properly sourced" even if the following biography properly provides the information that W.J. was the First Secretary of polish labour communist party (PZPR). 10 may 2011 Pawmak , Ciacho5 , Zbigniew Lisiecki
3 In Mariusz Kamiński biography the information is deleted about the breaking the law by his dismissal as a chef of CBA (polish anti corruption preventive agency). It was a CBA law which prevents to dismiss CBS chef from office without a President's opinion and such opinion was not given yet. 24 may 2011 Elfhelm , PawelMM , Mazur , Wpedzich Zbigniew Lisiecki
4 Here one can see a common procedure in polish Wikipedia of deleting all references to Gazeta Polska (fourth opinion-forming newspaper in Poland). A special caution against citing her work is taken in the case of a journalist Dorota Kania. Administrators did nothing against the wrecking shown above and prefered to left the information in an article about the wife of the President without giving any source then giving Gazeta Polska as a source, even if it is supported with true, existing documents. 13 June 2011 Sp5Uhe ,
5 Changes in this history of an article of Presidents' wife Anna Komorowska made: 22:54 - 23:38 21 Feb 2011 and 18:48 - 18:55 13 June 2011 has been removed - possibly rightly - but one cannot reread them ! Nobody knows what entered a user from Gdansk about Anna Komorowska giving Instytut Pamięci Narodowej as a source. If only this was not a password to a private bank account nor an instruction how to build a bomb these entries should be seen according to the Wikipedia ida to document all article changes. 13 June 2011 Wiktoryn ,   Markiel ,
6 Here Wikipedia administrator Elfhelm cancels the information about Łukasz Borowiak Solidarity membership justifying it with the lack of sources even if the procedure recommend to use a {fact} marker for not sufficiently sourced information instaed of deleting it. 8 November 2011 Elfhelm ,   .
7 Until now (April 2013) nobody succeds to provide in Monika Olejnik biography the pure information about her fathers' first name. Calling Wikipedias' Arbitration Committee (see also this discussion) won't help. 2 January 2012 Elfhelm , Bacus15 , Abronikowski , Warschauer , WTM , Markiel , Leinad , Nedops , Ented , PawelMM , TR , Witold1977 , Wpedzich , Karol007 , Powerek38 , Sebk , Teukros Zbigniew Lisiecki
8 Niezależna Gazeta Polska (Polish Independant Newspaper) is generally considered as not thrustworthy, it is called a tabloid and one cannot attach it as an information reference. Here the Niezależna was not considered as a reliable source about Andrzej Wajdas' membership in a communist party. 5 March 2012 Elfhelm , Politolog 200 ,
9 In the biography of Tadeusz Mazowiecki (a former Prime Minister) is appears not to be allowed to provide any information about his book "The enemy remains the same", published 1952, which shows Mazowiecki as a Stalin's sympathizer. 2 Mrch 2013 Elfhelm , P. Ocut ,
10 Elfhelms' personal attacs and a half year blockade as a Wikipedia editor for Gasikot show obvious political bias. 28. April 2013 Elfhelm , Wpedzich Gasikot ,   Zbigniew Lisiecki
11 szewczak - the main economist of SKOK opposing mainstream banking system in Poland is persistently deleted from polish Wikipedia. (see this discussion) 1 April 2009 - 11 February 2013 Ciacho5 , Ptjackyll , Michał Sobkowski , Adamt , Farray , Nedops , Gdarin , Elfhelm , Kojoto , Ptjackyll , Pablo000000 ,
12 The cause of an air crash with polish President and nearly 100 main opposition politicians is due to polish Wikipedia "only a crew error", whereas the information provided by the Parliamentary Commission supported by over 50 professors and members of Polish Academy of Science showing the participation of third parties as possible is constantly deleted.
The principles says that Wikipedia do not make substantial judgements and it must provide both versions.
27 April 2013 Stok , Golkiper ,
13 Against the provided facts polish Wikipedia is not willing to accept Lech Wałęsa security service collaboration calling these facts "defamations" (see the discussion abount the proposed section heading . Information and the court testimony of sercet service kpt. Janusz Stachowiak - a Wałęsa leading officer are deleted as "too radical and not in place", see this diff. 13. May 2013 Marcoz ,   Tokyotown8 ,   Zbigniew Lisiecki
14 Here the information about the father of a well known TV journalist Tomasz Sianecki is deleted from Wikipedia. Sianeckis' father - Bolesław was due to Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (official institute collecting data about polish communist victims) catalogue a colonel, officer of the Secret Service Department IV and a communist party secretary. Here Elfhelm prevents even the very information that the first name of Tomasz Sianeckis' father is Bolesław. 17 June 2014 Wiktoryn ,   Elfhelm ,   Politygen ,  
15 Biographies of stalinist criminals are deleted from Wikipedia. Here Marcel Kot - a stalinist judge with eight sentences of death issued against innocent people is considered as "not encyclopedical" i.e. not worth to mention in Wikipedia. 28 August 2014 Ciacho5 ,   Boston9 ,   Elfhelm ,   lgor ,   Tokyotown8 ,   Zbigniew Lisiecki Pablo000 Jakub Kaja Plogeo
16 Simmilarily their victims are deled as "not encyclopedical". Here slaughtered by communists Lech Rajchel,   Stefan Skrzyszowski - heroes mensioned on monuments in Poland. 10 August 2014 Elfhelm ,   Boston9 ,   Teukros ,   Warschauer ,   Adamt ,   Zbigniew Lisiecki Emptywords
17 The biographies of polish heroes mensioned on the monument in Kwatera na Łączce, Bogdan Olszewski are deleted from Wikipedia. The discussion is shown under ther former link and here in a so called "cafeteria". 15 April 2015 Teukros ,   Felis domestica ,   Kenraiz ,   Adamt ,   JudgeDeadd ,   Stefaniak ,   Zbigniew Lisiecki
18 Here is an example of deleting the calling of Jan Hryckowian a communist criminal, even if the rest of the article confirms that he sentenced to death at least 16 innocent people and Witold Pilecki among them. 16 April 2015 Pio2009 Zbigniew Lisiecki
19 The information about the collaboration of the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Mr. Krzysztof Skubiszewski with the former communist security service has been deleted from the Wikipedia by the administrator Ciacho5, which shows this diff. 13 October 2015 Ciacho5 ,   anonim user
20 This diff is documenting canceling in the biography of polish anti-communist national hero Danuta Siedzikówna (Inka) the information about it, that her father was deported by the Soviets to the gulag. 29 August 2016 Elfhelm ,   Zsuetam ,  
21 Here administrator Elfhelm is deleting without cause the information about the communist party membership of both parents of a well known feminist politician Katarzyna Lubnauer. 30 September 2016 Elfhelm ,   unknown
22 The information about the Solidarity Award due to the 40-th Anniversary of the June 1976 events given to Antoni Macierewicz has been deleted, which can be seen here. Justification given by the administrator Elfhelm was: "unclear award, lack of official award name, possibly just a sympathetic diploma". 30 September 2016 Elfhelm ,   Lowdown ,  
23 Here the same regarding opposition politicaians Piotr Naimski and Wojciech Fałkowski: diff 30 September 2016 Elfhelm ,   Lowdown ,  
24 Here Elfhelm is deleting without cause important information in a biography of Adam Lipiński - vice-president of the Law and Justice party ruling in 2016. 31 October 2016 Elfhelm ,   Andamsterdam
25 Here one can see the deletion in the article of a Constitutional Court judge Julia Przyłębska, who refused to participate in a legal procedure, which she considered as unlawful. Elfhelm considered this information simply as "not encyclopedical" . 8 November 2016 Elfhelm ,   Tomasz Raburski
26 Here is a discussion started by an Wikipedia administrator Teukros with the purpose to delete from Wikipedia a biogram of Zygmunt Roguski - a polish hero killed by communists, whos'e name is placed on a famous monument of remembrance of communism victims, Kwatera na Łączce 29 November 2016 Teukros ,   Zbigniew Lisiecki Jakub Kaja

Allow me to mention at the end the fact that the administrators of polish wikipedia appeared not to support the idea, or even not a good habit of publicing their personal data like proper names, which shows anonim. Causes of this are to find in my opinion in general mechanisms, how networks of people work, in which what is public and what privat should be dramatically redefined.

Here Sheryl Attkisson describes the same phenomenon in an american wikipedia calling it Astroturfing.

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