Zbyszek w 2014 r.
(nick: zlisiecki), physicist , computer scientist

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Some elder computer science:
  1. How to install Linux:  the shortest polish tutorial for beginners
  2. Network Programming :   Remote Procedure Calls

I don't do this and advice others not to do:
  1. I don't use operating system from a Microsoft company.
  2. I don't use facebook nor any simmilar web services.
  3. I don't sign my public statements with anonymous nicknames.
  4. I don't produce multimedia- nor graphical mails,
    and at most I'd not receive them.
  5. I don't put references to google statistics nor simmilar filters.
  6. I don't speak to a computer display.
  7. I don't respect truths not emerging from freedom
    I don't recognize sporsored truths.
  8. I respect feelings and obligations, but I don't accept obligations to feel.

I support:

Tibet Attempts to show a film by Jerzy Zalewski Krzysztof Wyszkowski
Social Themes / Politics:
  1. Reprivatisation, immobilities in Warsaw: an article,
  2. Schizophrenia:  forum for ill and their families
  3. Rainforest: protest against OCP pipeline in Amazonia
  4. An Appeal to repeal state secrecy clause in the case of crime: beztajemnic.evot.org
  5. Polish Commitment
  6. Warsaw Tree Preservation Initiative
  7. Deceitful media reports about Poland
  8. A letter to Lech Walesa
  1. Evolution by Self-reference
Some articles:
  1. Why I left Amnesty International ?
  2. Is polish wikipedia censored ?
  3. How to buy a washmachine - a consumer advice
  4. Grey occupation
  5. "Voices self-counting" in parlamentary elections
  6. Last letter to Wlodek.
  7. Is it a sin to colaboration with communist secret service without beeing conscious of beeing guilty a sin ?
  8. What to do with monuments of communism in Poland ?
  9. A letter to the EU-Parlament Members referencing the Debatte about the Situation in Poland
  10. Polish Concentration Camps
  11. You wan't miss it either.
  12. Petycja do Sejmu Rzeczypospolitej o usunięcie z Konstytucji niekaralności sędziów
  13. German war reparations to Poland
Some discussions:
  1. 13-th of December anniversary in Poland
Recreation and Philosophy:
  1. Some poems about thinking (in polish language)
  2. Issues of faith,   dyskusje
  3. Trees on the background of people
  4. The shortest course of the individual psychotherapy
  5. the Peoples Republik Poland - a literary text in polish
  6. Water pipe
  7. Baltic Wallpapers
  8. How a washmachine works
  1. Archiv of Some Scans
  2. Ta iest prawdy własność ...

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